Welcome to 10K Webdesign

Incorporated in 2004 with a mission to serve businesses and organizations, 10K Webdesign supports the progressive / social justice / conscious creative / startup / green-and-clean community. We provide consulting, design, and web development for e-commerce, marketplace, political, membership and trade association, and informational websites. We focus on the Drupal platform.



Issues we support:

* environmental sustainability and green business
* women, children, and families
* music, film, and the arts
* civic and political involvement
* entrepreneurship education for women

Typical clients:

* E-commerce vendors
* Public agencies
* National, state and local nonprofits
* Membership organizations

We are excited if your project:

* builds community
* fosters a feeling of connectedness
* aspires to make the world a better place (more tolerance, more understanding, more compassion)
* is fair trade, organic, holistic, sustainable

Sound like a perfect match?
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