Santa Clara County Democratic Party Communications Chair
Everyone loves the new site. People were raving about it at the end of last week.
I need to train content folks, but things are already much easier than before.
David Cohen

The Sperm Bank of California
I never thought of it to be related to the website but you're totally right. It is soooooo easy to do stuff now. Last year we registered more new recipients per month than we ever have in history!! We are up to our gills over here.
- J. V. The Sperm Bank of California

Ginn and Crosby, LLP
The new site looks great and I have gotten several compliments about it. Thank you again.
Philip C. Crosby
Ginn Law

Art With Impact
We needed an incredible website for Art With Impact, a new organization founded in 2011 to connect film with activism. We started with a pretty vague (but ambitious) RFP that outlined our needs. Both myself and the Board member who shepherded this project through have pretty extensive web backgrounds so our standards were very high. 10K responded to our RFP with an in-depth, realistic, concrete proposal. The secret to good web-based implementation is specificity, and 10K thought through our project all the way through to specific module options for functionality requirements prior to even being rewarded the job.

From our first interactions with them, it was clear that Monica and Genesis know their stuff and are passionate and dedicated to the work they do. Throughout development, revisions and implementation we had weekly meetings with status updates and next steps. One specific thing they did that I found useful was that they were clear on what they needed from us, in terms of time, assets and resources. This helped us plan internally, and make sure the project moved forward smoothly.

Drupal is a big system and even now, more than six months after implementation, we are still learning how to take full advantage of its expansive functionality. After the website was complete we got to work on our CRM. Monica helped us install CiviCRM and integrate a lot of functionality on the front end with that system. I feel confident that the system we have in place will grow with us for years to come, and that the investment -- both in time and money -- was well worth it.

10K has been very professional, responsive and helpful. But a lot of developers can provide that. What 10K offers that I haven't ever seen elsewhere is a commitment to us and our work overall. I feel like we truly have an organizational partner in 10K, not just a technology web vendor. I enjoy the time I spend interacting with Monica and Genesis and feel blessed to have them as part of our team.
Cary McQueen, Executive Director
Art With Impact

I chose to work with Monica and 10K Webdesign for many reasons. First, I got to know her work thanks to her fabulous contribution to the Drupal community via her blog on this CMS. I consulted her for a quote and she is the only person amongst all the companies I consulted that was genuinely interested in my project. As an entrepreneur, it is a dream come true to encounter people like Monica, as she really helped me to make it happen! Not only did she understand very fast what I wanted to achieve, but she always came up with good solutions when we encountered problems along the way (there are roadblocks in EVERY web project, don't believe you'll be an exception!). We really wanted to be very "visual", as we are a selling platform. The default results of the Drupal search are everything but visual. She developed a bespoke result interface that matches perfectly our needs. I would recommend 10K Webdesign for any web project. Believe me, they'll make a difference!
Cédric Pariente

The Sperm Bank of California
I just did some google searches to see how the new site comes up and it is awesome! For our first keyword, we are the second item that comes up (Wikipedia is first) and for our second keyword we are the first site (I did this search twice, once there were a few sponsored sites above us but we were the first non-sponsored site both times.) Yay. Monica – I am very happy with the new site and feedback from staff and board has been very positive.
Alice Ruby, Executive Director

Gramercy & Co.
In August 2010, we wanted to fulfill our dream of creating a luxury, highly interactive e-commerce business which required hiring an e-tailing consultant/website designer to bring our ideas to fruition. After reviewing almost a dozen web professionals, we decided to work with Monica S. Flores of 10K Webdesign.

We started with a list of ideas and some sketches, and our end result is a beautiful, engaging, innovative marketplace where our clientele of high net-worth customers feels comfortable shopping. Our website is not only beautiful aesthetically, but the technology incorporates many of the best of breed functionalities found in many other e-commerce websites. We could not be more pleased with the integrity, attention to detail, and level of expertise that 10K Webdesign has customized to our project. From an initial consulting contract, we later concluded that we must keep her talents as a permanent partner of our business venture and offered her equity in our company.

We highly recommend and endorse Ms. Flores as your potential partner for your ecommerce needs.
Gramercy & Co Executive Team

Villiers Quartet
Working with 10KWebdesign has been amazing for our string quartet. Not only have they helped get our website up and running, they also provided unique business tools and ideas to unveil on our site in order to help evolve our goals.Features such as ticket purchases for events, online music streaming, and newsfeeds have taken our site to new level in artist promotion. Monica always offers great solutions on how to get our ideas across, and she has been instrumental in creating our online presence--which in this day and age, is an absolute necessity.
London String Quartet

Missing Link
Monica and Genesis have a well organized approach to building sites...which made our rather large project that much smoother. They have an attention to detail that has resulted in our site looking great and being an excellent base from which to build upon for the future. It was a real pleasure working with them both. Thank You!
Phil Woosley

Lorraine Bonner
Really excited about the new site. I can do a lot with it. So many more pieces and they are all at my finger tips. I can change everything around so easily. Lots of fun. I just added 5 new pieces to the ""New"" gallery, easy as pie thanks to Genesis' great video. I've been getting rave reviews from everyone who looks at it, and it has definitely made it possible for me to take some new steps forward in sending out my work. I guess it's like when you've got a beautiful new outfit, you just want to go out and party! How's that for a testimonial? I'm feeling every word of it.
Lorraine Bonner, artist

Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Monica/Genesis - I cannot rave enough about your product, service and delivery. If you EVER need a reference you can use me.
Bill Nicely, President, NCNCA

Greener Photography
10K Webdesign considered not just our website but also our entire mission when approaching our web design. Monica Flores's responsive and thoughtful website redesign has completely changed our non-profit organization's capabilities. Having a fully customized website that is still easily edited and updated is an empowering experience. We are so grateful for 10K's technical expertise, and also for the sage advice -- Monica pointed out aspects of the site that we didn't even know were possible. Our new website has so much potential, and allows us to grow exponentially.

San Francisco Bay Area End-of-Life Network
Thanks so very much, Monica! You've been an absolute joy to work with, and you've done an AMAZING job with us. Yes, we'll hire you to help us move it forward down the line. We're pleased ;-). Feel like we've gained a friend! Warmly and very grateful...
- Nate P. Hinerman, Ph.D.